Garuda Muay Thai Shorts Black


The Garuda depicted on the front commands power, possesses great wisdom, and symbolizes development.   The Garuda is also said to be invincible, immortal, and is empowered to hunt down and banish negative energies.  The back of these shorts depicts the sacred peaks of Mount Meru and delivers happiness in life and protects against evil.

Features / Benefits
  • Traditional Elastic Waistband Provides the Perfect Fit Every Time.
  • Large Leg Holes Deliver Completely Unrestricted Range of Motion
  • 100% Polyester Keeps Cool and Comfortable.
  • Authentic Muay Thai Graphics and Embroidery.

*Due to the decorative tasseling on the legs, care should be taken when washing these shorts. Avoid washing in top-loading machines, use a washing bag, or hand wash to avoid entanglement.

Price: US$52.00