Pro Training Series

The Hayabusa Pro Training Series™ is the pinnacle of trainer's gear.
The Pro Training Series™ was developed to be the first and only state of the art professional line of performance striking pads tailored specifically to maximize striking technique, power and speed. Due to their technical nature, this is the most specialized line of training equipment ever created and will push your striking performance to new heights.

Pro Training - Elevate - Speed Bag


Speed and Precision at its Finest

Develop your speed, hand-eye coordination, power and timing with the most durable speed bag in the gym. The premium design optimizes speed and balance for accurate rebounds, allowing you to develop your combinations.


Pro Training - Elevate - Heavy Bag


The Pro Training Series Elevate Heavy Bag is designed to be the toughest heavy bag available.   Created to take the most extreme beatings, this heavy bag is perfect for both home and commercial gym use. Constructed with an ultra strong and soft material, this will be your favorite heavy bag to hit.

Constructed as the toughest bag available and tested in countless gyms worldwide, this heavy bag is perfect for intense use.

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